Friday, September 28, 2012

Designer Piggies: Pacman

Today I tried out these cute water nail decals from Designer Piggies in the Pacman design.

Per the instructions I painted my nails with white and cut the decals to fit my nails.  After my polish dried, I wet the back of the decals, slide them off and placed them on my nails.  The decals come off the backing really easily so you don't tear them when you slide them off.

The inner nerd in me loves this design and I've gotten tons of complements on them already.

These do have a bit of a learning curve.  I stretched mine on my nail a bit which made it look like I have cracks in the design.  They aren't really visible, but of course macro makes it look more obvious.

All in all I like these and plan on purchasing a Halloween set.

You can find these and other designs here.

*This product was sent to me for an honest review.


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