Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Twinsie Tuesday - Inspired by a Flag

Hi everyone!  Twinsie Tuesday is back and today we're doing manicures inspired by flags.  In the past I've done a few red white and blue manicures to represent the American flag so today I decided to do something a little different and do one based on the Pan African flag (also known as the Afro American flag, UNIA flag, or the Black Liberation flag).

The Pan African flag was created around 1920 as a response to a popular song "Every Race Has a Flag but the Coon" and has the colors red, black and green.  Red is for the blood that unites all people of Black African ancestry as well as the blood shed by our ancestors.  Black is for the black people.  Green is for the copious of natural wealth in Africa.  You'll also see these colors represented in the celebration of Kwanza.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pan-African_flag

For this manicure I used OPI Big Apple Red, BB Couture Poison Ivy and Wet n Wild Black.

pan african flag nails

pan african flag nails

pan african flag nails

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  1. These are nice. The colors go so well together.

  2. I like this AND I learned something! That green is gorgeous!

  3. This is such a striking mani! Really beautiful and I love seeing some BB Couture again! I miss seeing their polish on all the nail blogs. :)

  4. This mani is really pretty! I love it and the explanation behind the flag!

  5. Perfect and amazing nail art. Love it

  6. I loved reading the history side of the flag. It's not something I would have come across before so thanks for including that. Your nails are gorgeous.

  7. Beautiful! I was looking for a design for african liberation day (may 25) so this is gonna be it!


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