Monday, September 1, 2014

Proud Beauty Bloggers of Color in Green: Smitten Polish Girl Sprouts

Hi everyone!

Today the Proud Beauty Bloggers of color have decided to show off in green!  I have another green holo from Smitten Polish (I showed you Electric Lime earlier last month).  Just like with Electric Lime, I'm in love.  Girl Sprouts is a gorgeous midtone green linear holo.  What's not to love?

Girl Sprouts applied really well, so no complaints there.

This is 2 lovely coats.



Smitten Polish can be purchased from their website here.  Girl Sprouts retails for $11.00 USD.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Let's Go Camping - Under the Stars Nail Art

I recently decided that I'm going to try to do more nail art.  I always complain that I'm not very good at it and admire other's art.  Well practice makes perfect, so I'm determined to do more of it.

That said, I've joined the Challenge Your Nail Art group on Facebook.  The theme this go around is Let's Go Camping.

Today we're doing Under the Stars.  

When I was younger, every summer I would go to an over night camp for about a week called Circle V.  Being from LA, I was always amazed at all the stars I could see at camp that weren't visible in the city and how unobstructed my view of the sunset was.  This helped inspire this nail art along with this post by Wondrously Polished.  She does amazing nail art that I'm always admiring.

The black at the bottom is supposed to be blades of grass, but it kind of looks like a faraway forest.

Polishes I used:
  • Orly Decades of Dysfunction
  • China Glaze Well Trained
  • China Glaze First Mate
  • China Glaze Stoked to be Soaked
  • Wet n Wild French White Creme
  • Wet n Wild Black Creme
  • Essie Matte About You



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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Femme Fatale Snapvine

It's been a while since I've worn and "indie" glitter so out came Snapvine by Femme Fatale from my infamous and seemingly never ending "untrieds" pile.

Snapvine has a teal crelly base with pink and green-gold glitter.  Formula was a little thick and the glitters clumped together a bit, but I think my struggle was due partly to it having been a while since I've applied a color like this.  Over all I loved the color, application, not as much.

This is 2 coats.



Monday, August 25, 2014

OPI Do You Have This Color in Stock-holm?

I always look forward to OPI's fall collections and this years Nordic Collection was no different.  I didn't buy them all, but the ones I did get are lovely.

Do You Have This Color in Stock-holm is an impossible to photograph blurple.  One of those colors that make you keep questioning if it's really blue or purple.  I really like it, but this is coming from someone with tons of "blurples."

Application on this polish was nice.  First coat was streaky but the second straightened everything out.

This is good in 2 coats, but I'm wearing 3 because the camera tends to pick up bald spot that art visible in real life.



Friday, August 22, 2014

China Glaze Sun Upon My Skin

Who loves yellow polish?  I do!  And I'm probably one of the rare few.  Even though this color polish tends to have crappy application, I love with my skin tone so I put up with it.

Today's post is Sun Upon My Skin from China Glaze's Off Shore Collection for Summer 2014.  As you may have guessed, it's a lovely bright yellow cream.  I don't know why, but this yellow seems a bit more cooler toned than other yellows in my collection.

This applied decently for a yellow.  A little streaky, but nothing you couldn't work with.

This is 3 coats.



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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Rescue Beauty Lounge Au Chocolate

Today I have a little throwback Thursday action with Rescue Beauty Lounge Au Chocolat.  I bought this a while ago (maybe 2010?) and of course I'm just now getting around to wearing it.  I don't think it's even available on the site anymore (sorry!).

Au Chocolat is a red/brown crelly, meaning a mix of both cream and jelly finish.  It's a great fall color.  It's dark without looking black in low light, which I love.  True to most Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes, the formula was nice, but a bit streaky on the first coat.

This is 2 coats.



Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Essie Strut Your Stuff

Today I have Essie Strut Your Stuff and short nails.  I'd been thinking about cutting them for a while, but my car door made that executive decision for me.  Story of my life.

So before I started swatching the fall Zoyas, I decided to wear something bright.  Enter Essie Strut Your Stuff from the same collection as Roarrrange, Summer 2014 collection.  This one is a bright blue cream.  Definitely a darker hue of blue than a sky blue, but still bright.

This applied really well and was easy to control.  It did stain my nails so watch out for that!

This is 3 coats.