Monday, June 21, 2010

Nina Pro Purple-Xing

I love my cream polishes, but I am also a self proclaimed glittah ho.  It can be such a pain to get glitter polish off, but that never phases me because glitter polishes are just that awesome.  Purple-Xing is no exception.  It is purple/holo glittery goodness.  Observe:


  1. What an absolutely gorgeous shade! I'll have to put it on my wishlist! You have a stunning collection by the way! :)

    I have a blog too, stop by and say hi! :)

  2. Gorgeous color that I never knew existed and now I want it. :)

  3. Love that shade of purple. I agree with you about glitter. I love it and have tons of polishes with glitter in them. Nothing more exciting than a new collection of glitters.

  4. lmao @ glitter ho! Man, me too. I just like the sparkleh thangs.

    But anyway, this color is so amazing and looks great on your beautiful nails!
    If you don't mind me asking, how do you take care of them?

  5. I finally caved in and bought this yesterday. Can't wait to try it out. It looks gorgeous on you!

  6. Hehe, I saw your post and had to go pick it up as my free polish when I bought Instant Artificials. It's an awesome purple glitter!


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