Sunday, June 20, 2010

BB Couture Poison Ivy

This is one of my favorite polishes!  I'm a sucker for primary green creams.  Actually, I'm a sucker for greens period.  BB Couture definitely did this one right.  It was opaque in one coat and smooth in two.  I definitely need a back up of this sometime soon.

(Excuse the lent.  I didn't realize it was there until looking back at the pictures)


  1. First let me say welcome to the world of blogging!! The world wide web has plenty of space - glad to see you've your nails to a blogging star!! Your nails are gorgeous, simply gorgeous!! Love your pics and post!! Keep up the great work. I have added you to my blog list and am now a follower.

  2. Thank you for the welcome and complements =D. I've been reading your blog for a while now and you've definitely been a blogger that's inspired me to start my own.

  3. I saw your blog on GetchaNailsDid. Now this is my very favorite green polish. I have every green that BB Couture makes. Looks gorgeous on your long nails. My nails are short. When I break one I end up chopping them all off.


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