Friday, June 18, 2010

Essie Knockout Pout

This color is from Essie's Summer Collection 2010.  It's a gorgeous pink that is almost neon but doesn't quite make it.  It's definitely bright though!

Application wasn't my favorite.  It was a little hard to work with.  It has one of those "thick but runny at the same time" formulas.  It dries with a satiny finish, so if you like your polish shiny it's best to add a top coat.



  1. May I say that you are absolutely fantastic at painting your nails? I am always impressed with people who can get such clean circles at their cuticles.

  2. Ooh, I like this pink. I can't really bring myself to buy Essie, they look so boring compared to other brands.

  3. @ A. & G, thanks so much. It took me a while before I got it right and I still have to clean up sometimes.

    @ Ashley A. I'm not a huge Essie fan either, but every so often they come out with some nice colors like Pretty Edgy and Mesmerize.

  4. This pink is HOTTT on your hands, nice!

  5. This looks flawless & fabulous on you.


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