Thursday, June 19, 2014

Essie Ruby Slippers

Another throw back Thursday post for ya'll today!  This time it's Essie Ruby Slippers.  It seems like several brands have polishes named ruby slippers or some varient.  It has red glitters in a deep red jelly base.  Compared to China Glaze Ruby Slippers, the base is definitely deeper.  I'm not sure when this one originally came out or what collection it's from, but it's older than 2006.  This bottle, like older Essies, has no "e" on the cap.  It's definitely not big 3 free.

Application on this was a little thick, but it's an old polish.  What can you expect?  And since it's a glitter, 2 coats of thick topcoat to get rid of the roughness!

This is 3 coats.



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  1. I love how glowy and "burned" it looks on you! Like a warm winter fire.


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