Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Layla Magneffect Black Metal

Magnetic nail polish has finally caught on.  The days of hoping for  Lancome Le Magnetique to find it's way to your doorstep, or stalking ebay to see if there could be any Loreal Magnetic polish for sale are over.  There are now several companies offering magnetic nail polish including China Glaze, Nails Inc, Icing, Layla, LCN, etc.

The Layla magnetic polish comes with a magnet that creates lines on the nail and is located on the top of the polish bottle.  It's pretty easy to use, but may have a slight learning curve for some.  The key is to make sure the nail polish and completely wet and to not hold the magnet too close to the nail or it will pull up droplets, and to not hold the magnet too far away and not get any design at all.

I applied on coat of the polish on all fingers and then went back and applied a second coat, used the magnet and went on to the next finger.  After I was done with all fingers, I then applied a top coat.

This is 2 coats of polish.


  1. this looks amazing! i love magnetic polishes!

  2. Is that the reflection of an OTT light that I see in your nails? Too funny...

  3. i really love this one, i'll need to pick it up soon. i have velvet groove and the blue one who's name is escaping me right now


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