Tuesday, March 29, 2011

OPI Moon Over Mumbai

I bought this polish two or three years ago.  When I saw it, I just knew it would be the perfect pale, dove grey creme (there is some hidden shimmer) I had been looking for.  If only I had checked some blogs first lol.  I was so mad at this color.  I tried wearing it once and just couldn't bear the VNL (visible nail line) and took it off a few hours later and tossed it to the side.

So here I am again.  Today I needed something more tame and "work appropriate" so I dusted Moon Over Mumbai off and tried again.  I can't say that I love it, but it's perfect for those times you should be wearing a more subtle polish.

This is two coats over a ridge filler.


  1. I bought this a few years ago and haven't swatched it yet. I guess I better put down a good base color before applying it.

    It looks so fresh and clean on you :)

  2. I bought it probably about the same time you did and didn't like the VNL either. I don't think I've wore it since.

  3. This looks so good on you! I personally like VNL with this one (and in general with sheers like this one), but overall Moon over Mumbai makes me look like death so I don't wear it often :/

  4. I am usually not a fan of the VNL either, but I loved this color on me (also for professionalism- I had interviews!) in like 3 or 4 layers when I finally was rid of the line, I fell in love with the subtle lavender bits.

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