Monday, March 7, 2011

Jesse's Girl JulieG

Today I decided to branch out of my color comfort zone.  I tend to avoid "safe" colors.  My collection consists of an array of blues, greens, purples, glitters and holos.  For some reason, I tend to avoid browns (that aren't of the taupe variety), orange, and coral.

JulieG happens to be a bright coral cream and I like it.  I think I avoid corals because it drives me up the wall that I can never decide if it's orange or pink.  Anyways, this formula was a little crappy.  This took me 4 coats to even it all out.  Application was a bit of a streaky mess.


  1. That is a pretty spring color and it looks go on you. I understand that "safe place". I tend to stick with the berries, reds, purples, and recenty blues. I just purchased some colors that are far for the norm for me: ChG Heli-Yum, and OPI-Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It. I am trying to experiment with more spring and summer colors. So I understand. Grace and Peace.

  2. Looks Amazing after all the work it too!!! :-)

  3. this is the first jesse's girl polish i actually really like, go figure it was a PITA to apply!

  4. Gorgeous coral!!! You did a great job evening it out! Wouldn't have known it was a streaky application.


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