Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Emily de Molly February 2017 Swatches and Review

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Hi everyone!  I'm so excited to share with you the Emily de Molly releases for February 2017.  It consists of 6 beautiful polishes and are currently available on the Australia site and will be available from the international/US site February 15th at 6pm EST!

Let's take a look!

Emily de Molly Transpire.  This is a linear holo turquoise blue.  I love how bright and pigmented this looks.  The formula is super easy to work with and even though it's brightly pigmented, I experienced no staining.

This is 2 coats.

Emily de Molly Looks Can Kill.  This polish has a pinkish red base and is absolutely packed with shimmer that shifts from green to pink.  To me, in most lights the shimmer takes on a golden green color.  The shimmer in this is very prominent and can show brush strokes if not applied carefully.  The formula is easy to work with and I had no application issues.

This is 2 coats.

Emily de Molly External Links.  This is a bright electric blue jelly filled with iridescent glitter that shifts from red to green and a tad bit of blue shimmer.  The jelly base isn't thick at all and the glitters come out of the bottle easily.  Because the base isn't thick, the glitters do move around when painting on the nail are a little bit harder to control, but nothing impossible.  I would suggest waiting between coats.  Due to the glitter this polish does dry down to a textured finish so be sure to use 2 coats of your favorite top coat.

This is 3 coats.

Emily de Molly Escape Artist.  This is probably my favorite of the collection.  It's a beautiful green that has enough yellow that it leans a bit olive, with loads of beautiful gold shimmer.  It's nicely pigmented with an easy to work with formula.

This is 2 coats.

Emily de Molly The Tenth Running.  This has a creamy baby blue base with shimmer that shifts from pink to gold, as well as holo micro glitter and iridescent micro glitter with a red green shift.  It's got a lot going on, but it blends perfectly.  The formula is slightly thick, but still easy to work with.  This polish does dry with a slightly textured finish from the micro glitter, so be sure to use a thick top coat.

This is 2 coats.

Emily de Molly Distant Mood.  This is a gray linear holo with tons of copper shimmer.  The base is gray but sometimes I saw some navvy blue from the base.  It's really a pretty polish and not your average gray holo.  The formula is excellent.

This is 2 coats.

Over all, I really like these.  Of course my favorite is the green, Escape Artist!  Will you be picking any of these up?  Let me know in the comments!

Check out Emily de Molly at the following spots!

**Products in this post were sent by Emily de Molly for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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