Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Twinsie Tuesday - Pinterest Inspiration

Hi everyone! I'm finally able to paint my nails again without screaming from getting acetone in this cut I got on my finger and just in time for Twinsie Tuesday. Today is all about Pinterest inspiration and mine came from PiggieLuv who does amazing nail art that I wouldn't even try replicating, but she had this "simple" look pinned that I thought I could replicate. I attempted to recreate her Neon Sugar Spun nails and failed so hard lol.  I almost didn't even post today because I hated how these came out.  It looked so much easier in the tutorial! I kept getting blobs of polish, or it wasn't stringy enough, or I let it dry too much, the neon orange didn't quite translate over black (make sure you use creamy neons or it wont pop!), etc. I'll try these again one day because I really do love the inspiration.

sugar spun nails

Nailed it!

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  1. Nice sugar spun design. I can never get it done as nice.

  2. I think it looks good! I always have trouble as well.

    1. Thanks Jessica! It's nice to know I'm not alone!

  3. The green and yellow did come out really nice, so don't be hurt the orange looks like you got some sauce on your fingernail :)

  4. Ah the green and yellow nails look amazing!!

  5. I think they all look cute! The pink and green really stand out!

  6. these look great! i love the fun colors :)

  7. I think it looks great!! Love the colors!

  8. Very cute and funny!
    I will try to do it on my nails!

  9. So cool! And I'm happy you're healed!

  10. This is adorable! I need to try this technique.

  11. These look great!! I've never been able to do the spun sugar manciure, lol. I think I'm too impatient, teehee.


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