Thursday, May 22, 2014

Elevation Polish Lake Achit over NYC Tudor City Teal

Today I dug into my untried pile (which is just absolutely shameful at this point), and pulled out Lake Achit and Tudor City Teal.

NYC's Tutor City Teal is a gorgeous light teal (duh) crelly (both cream and jelly finish) that is absolutely perfect.  I never payed much attention to the NYC brand aside from the matte top coat and telling myself I need to try Grand Central Station, their quick dry top coat.  I must try more!  Application on this was workable.  I say that because the formula was a bit water and hard to control for me, but it wasn't terrible and is definitely not a deterrent.  It does take a few coats to build to opacity and it's best if you wait a moment between coats.

This is 3 coats.

NYC Tudor City Teal nail polish swatch

 Elevation Polish is quickly becoming one of my favorite indie brands.  I love how she takes inspiration from nature.  Lake Achit is a glitter topper.  It has a clear base with various sizes and shapes (even stars) of blue glitter that ranges from periwinkle to almost navy.  There are also some pearly gray glitters and purple/pink/brown glitter.  Very pretty, but only one star wanted to come out and play.  The formula on this was perfect.  It wasn't crazy thick like a lot of glitter toppers tend to be.

This is one coat Lake Achit over Tudor City Teal.

Elevation Polish Lake Achit over NYC Tudor City Teal nail polish swatch

Elevation Polish Lake Achit layered over NYC Tudor Teal nail polish swatch

I believe Lake Achit is still available on and NYC can be found in CVS, Rite Aid, Target, and Walmart.  I believe Tudor City Teal is apart of the core line now.

Anyone have any suggestions on other NYC's I should try out?


  1. Tudor City Teal is so pretty and it looks great on you. I really liked it on me too - you may want to try Wine Bar from the same line too. It's also a crelly.

  2. I have got to rescue Tudor City Teal from my untrieds too--it's beautiful! :D

  3. Love this nail art, follow me baby :*


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