Tuesday, November 13, 2012

OPI Malaga Wine

Malaga Wine is a gorgeous classic red.  I'm not sure when this came out, but I believe it's apart of the core line.

Malaga Wine is a cool toned red and it's a little bit of a jelly.  It's also super shiny.  I have the old black label one so I won't comment on the formula.

Also, can I vent a little?  Now I love to keep my nails in a square shape, but it drives me up the damn wall when an edge chips off (see middle finger).  And it always happens when I'm opening a drawer or turning on a faucet.  Does this happen to anyone else?  Does anyone have any advice?

Anyways, this is 3 coats (could have gotten away with 2).


  1. This is a pretty red! Yes I have the same problem get the corners knocked off all the time. Maybe the best thing to do is to round the corners abit.

  2. Really pretty red! It looks so great on you.
    When one of my nail broke, I cut off all of them. So I always have them in my fave shape but sometimes short and sometimes a little longer! ;)

  3. I wish I had a solution, as I keep my nails square as well. But...my finger nails are so short, they don't chip off. My toes on the other hand...I feel your pain. Stubbing my toe & chipping the nail, after a fresh summertime pedi...OOH!

    Pretty red!!!

  4. Nice color. Always my right index finger is chipping ;( Greetings from Germany :)

  5. wow this is such a pretty color! all my nails always chip :( maybe try out a new shape?

  6. Like Danny, I also cut them all down when one chips. I used to keep them very square as well, but the sides would always chip, so now I have them sorta natural which is basically square'ish & just a slight round on the sides.


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