Friday, March 8, 2013

Smitten Polish Who Steals a Dead Woman's Shoes over China Glaze Secret Peri-winkle Blue

Since I was going to the midnight showing of Oz the Great and Powerful, I decided to put on a Wizard of Oz themed nail polish.  I haven't bought any of the OPIs from the collection, but I had just purchased some of the Wicked themed polishes from Smitten (can't wait to try Look to the Western Sky) and on went Who Steals a Dead Woman's Shoes.

Who Steals a Dead Woman's Shoes is full of different sized silver glitter as well as pale blue glitters in a clear base.  You can either layer it over a polish or use several coats to try and get it fully opaque (this took about 4 coats).  I chose to layer it over China Glaze Secret Peri-winkle Blue to help it maintain more of it's blue hue, but it's also lovely over silver.

Application was normal and applied like most glitters.  I have no complaints here.  It was still a bit bumpy after a coat of Seche, but it's not nearly as "top coat hungry" as I expected

These pictures show 2 coats of Secret Peri-winkle Blue with 2 coats of Who Steals a Dead Woman's Shoes.


  1. Oh! I love that combination. I have that Smitten coming in the mail and I am going to try your combo with it. So pretty!!

  2. I've just realised that I want to put some glitter on my nails^^
    love it!

  3. Haha, I read the name of your post and thought that you've got some imagination for a title like this... Not realizing that it's the name of the polish!! Lol :). Love your mani!!

  4. beautiful polishes, i love the combo :)

  5. Pretty! I'm a new follower, would love if you would please follow me back on my blog aswell:

  6. Wowwww! You just gave me a brilliant idea to combine my Secret pw with China glaze's Pizzazz! <3


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