Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jade Vermelho Surreal

Of course after a few days of sun and heat, I bust out a holo and the sun completely disappears the entire day.  Oh well.  This polish is still gorgeous!  A truly holo red.  It dries shiny, doesn't need a special base and only costs $7 on Llarowe or Ninja Polish.  My pictures do it no justice.

This is 2 coats.


  1. I have this, waiting for the right moment to bust it out as well! Great swatches!

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous!! It goes perfectly with your skin tone.

  3. Oh, wow, this is *really* pretty, and it looks fabulous on you! The colour is just gorgeous, and if the holo is this great indoors, I can only imagine how fantastic it would look in the sun. Adding this to my wants! ;)

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