Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Avon Olive Green

Avon's Olive Green is a dusty deep green and a definite dupe for Rescue Beauty Lounge Orbit Non Sufficit (which I bought first).

Application was great and if your careful, you can get away with just one coat.  Of course I was rushing and needed a second coat on a few nails.

I also filed my nails short because I broke the index really low.  I'm kind of liking the nubbins.  Which do you all prefer?


  1. Love this color! Would be great for fall.

  2. Lovely- and your nails are beautiful to behold no matter what the length- I have a nail crush :)

  3. now i see why everyone loves this color! the nubs look nailbeds?

  4. very nice colour and absolutely beautiful shape of your nails! :-)

  5. This color is gorgeous!! And I absolutely love your nails - they look great at any length! <3

  6. ohh i feel so cool i have the same nail polish. isnt it a lovely shade? i love your nailart! this blog is nice!



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