Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Check It Out

I know we've seen these quite a bit in the past weeks, but I decided to try them and put in my quick 2 cents.  These fit my left hand really well, but ran a little smaller on my right hand, which was weird.  I didn't mind too much because you couldn't really tell unless you were blatantly looking at the sides of my nails.  Other than that, these were great.  They are easy to apply, and lasted FOREVER with minimal lifting at the cuticles.  I was trying to wear these for as long as possible, but after day 7 I started pulling them up on purpose so I could change my mani.


  1. I had no idea these had such staying power! I might have to pick some of these if I ever go on vacation.

  2. 7 days is super long. did you use a base or topcoat? i think i may have messed up by using them.

  3. @ Enamel GirlI used a topcoat, no basecoat, but I made sure I swiped with acetone before applying.


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