Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rimmel Steel Grey

It's been so overcast here it's depressing.  It's June gloom in July.  Because of the weather, I thought it'd be fitting to wear one of the taupe colors in my stash.

Steel Grey isn't really gray at all so I'm not sure where they got the name from, but it's a pretty color.  It's in the same family as OPI You Don't Know Jacques and OPI Over the Taupe, but it has more of a purple hue to it.  It took two coats for opacity, but I'm an avid three coater, so this is three coats



  1. I wore this recently - it's a lovely color.

  2. LOL I also commented on the name of this when I blogged about it. I love this color and it looks lovely on you. Do you like the brush? I hate it LOL

  3. this is so pretty. I hadn't wanted it until I saw it in this swatch. It really sets off the purple in it

  4. @ShortAndSweetNails, thanks! I don't mind those big wide brushes, but my brush was not only wide, but it was square on one side and rounded on the other. I figured I got a faulty brush.


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