Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Black, White and Gold Triangle Nail Art

I've been trying to try my hand at a little more nail art lately and I love black and gold together, so I came up with this look!  For most of my nails I used the Saran Wrap method and for my accent nail I made my own triangle decals.

black gold white triangle decals saran wrap nail art

black gold white triangle saran wrap nail art

For this look I used these polishes:
-China Glaze Snow
-China Glaze Mingle with Kringle
-China Glaze Liquid Leather

Saran Wrap Method:
  1. Paint your nails white and let it dry
  2. Get 2 pieces of Saran Wrap and ball them up.
  3. Paint a section of the saran wrap ball with Liquid Leather and dab on a piece of paper to take off some of the excess and then dab on your nails until you get the look you want. 
  4. Repeat #3, but with Mingle with Kringle (or another gold).
  5. Seal with top coat and you're done!
Triangle Decals:
  1. On a plastic bag paint 2 strips of polish in Liquid Leather and Mingle with Kringle.
  2. After letting it dry for a minute or two, paint over with them with a quick dry top coat like Seche Vite.
  3. After it's completely dry, peel them off the plastic bag and cut into triangles.
  4. Press them on your nails and top with top coat!
I definitely had fun doing this look and can't wait to dabble in a little more nail art!


  1. These look fantastic! I like how edgy they feel too.

  2. these colors are so pretty and your triangles look awesome! Love everything about this look :)

    1. Thank you so much! I'm kind of proud of myself lol

  3. Just like I said on FB, I especially love the triangle accent!

  4. Very pretty! This so reminds me of food. Something very cinammony or S'Mores.

  5. I have been wanted to do black/white/gold nail art also! Thanks for the inspiration. Love the triangles -- so chic!!

  6. Really cool! I love the triangle accents!

  7. Love it! The triangles are really spectacular!!

  8. Beautiful, love the accent nail x

  9. That is just amazing! So deco-looking in both the design and color combo.

  10. Such cool mani. I loved your saran wrap and triangles both styles.

  11. Saran wrap was one of the first methods I ever used. So simple, yet so beautiful!

  12. This is fantastic! Simple, edgy, but elegant. Love it!

  13. Such a cool looking result! I love the color combo, too!

  14. the effect is fantastic! I really need to try this technique :)

  15. Wow these are fantastic! I really like your step by step explanations!

  16. O M G your mani is gorgeous! Oooh id love to wear this in any color combo.

  17. I love those triangles. I'm going to run off and try those now.


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