Friday, July 11, 2014

Sally Hansen Color Foil Yellow Gold

Recently Sally Hansen came out with a line of metallic polishes.  I picked a few up  and today I have for you Yellow Gold.  Yellow Gold is as the name says, gold, but has a bit of an olive running through it.  Not quite what I was expecting, but it's nice.

The first time I tried to apply this, I was using a normal basecoat and it did not apply well.  It dragged quite a bit.  So I tried it out with Nfu-Oh! Aqua Base.  Much better.  These polishes dry fast, so you have to work fast like a lot of these reflective metallics.  Also be sure to have buffed nails because this polish shows ALL your ridges.

Over all I enjoyed these and I think I'll get a few more.

This is one coat over Nfu-Oh! Aqua Base.




  1. When I first tried these I put them over a base coat as well: one of the worst applications I've ever had from a polish! Good to know that there's a base they work with.
    - Jo

  2. I have so many different base coats...what would you say is the element in the Aqua base that made application better?

    1. Honestly I can't say. I believe it actually has water in the base. It works best with streaky holos (like Laylas) and streaky metallics that dry so fast you cant get the second coat on good. I'm thinking the base that came with OPI Push and Shove may work well with these.

  3. i love this shade. i wish i could find this collection.

  4. This color is a good shade. the direction says best results when worn w no base coat. So don't be surprise it is not working w base coat. But i am severely disappointed because after one day the polish starts to chip.

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